2015 Annual Report

In 1957, a group of forward-thinking Texas Panhandle community members came together to address the area's healthcare needs. Their vision created a legacy that grew into the Amarillo Area Foundation.

The Foundation works with individuals, families, businesses and organizations to create charitable funds that support community causes they care about. AAF awarded nearly $14 million in 2015 to enhance quality of life in the Texas Panhandle. 

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Legacy Giving

Supporting Organizations


To maximize our positive impact on the region, the Amarillo Area Foundation strives to increase quality of life in the Texas Panhandle through developing and implementing initiatives and programs to address individual and community needs. Because of the generosity of area donors and the efforts of nonprofit organizations, civic leaders, and local and national experts, we collaborate with Texas Panhandle communities to help all residents achieve their highest potential.

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The mission of the Amarillo Area Foundation is two-fold: To give help to those in need and to help those who have a need to give. We are blessed to live in a region of wise and generous donors. They give of themselves, but more importantly, they expect stewardship of their gifts and measurable results for individuals and our communities. If we give wisely of our resources, multiple talents, and work with our neighbors, our gifts will build a future of opportunities and hope.

2015 was a banner year! The Foundation received over $14.5 million in contributions in 2015 and invested over $15 million in projects and programs to improve lives and create equity for the future of individuals in the Texas Panhandle.

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Legacy Fund


The Accounting Department is responsible for all financial processing that occurs at the Foundation, such as contributions, grant distributions, donor distributions, vendor payments and payroll. The accounting staff creates and implements processes to better control financial activities to ensure quality data and good audit outcomes. The goal is to accomplish all of this as timely and error free as possible, while limiting the overall administrative burden.

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Fund Distributions

Grant Distributions